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How did we get here?

Early beginnings: After spending many years shooting underwater video for fun as well as for educational purposes... we were approached to try our hand at putting together short promotional videos for the web and for trade show purposes. We started by working with one of the largest shops in the country (Dive Right In Scuba, a working relationship that has become stronger over the years) and have expanded to many new and existing manufacturers in the dive industry.

  • Promotional Product Videos.
  • Product Photography.
  • Graphic Design.
  • ...and much more.

A couple comments from clients:: "Working with Don from Deco Services has far exceeded my expectations. His focus on knowing your product and brand allows the videos he produces to perfectly fit in style and format with your company. Don's attention to detail and commitment to ensuring every element of the video is correct along with an innovative approach to every video ensures top notch professional results every time. We will be using Deco Services for our educational and marketing video needs in the future. Bobby Franklin" www.uwlightdude.com.

The Team at Deco Services is definitely the easiest to work with and hardest working crew we have ever done business with.  In todays world, that is hard to come by.  The work speaks for itself, but the service and level of professionalism they provide really excels over the competition!  We highly recommend Don and his team to anyone looking to get some videos created.  Not only will your videos be as good as if not better than the past ones, but the team will go the extra mile to make sure you love it! Mike Pederson:Dive Right In Scuba

Services What We Do

Promotional Product Video

We provide a turn-key solution for your promotional video needs. From short product teasers to videos that are a little more involved, we can meet your expectations.

Some of the videos are posted on our Vimeo channel and can be viewed there.


Looking for a few products shots to spruce up your website or are you launching a whole new product category? We can be your one-stop source. Check out some of the images we have showcased on this site below. Some of the clients we work with range from start-ups to those with products that dominate the SCUBA marketplace.

Web Design

Given some of the work we do I suppose it was a natural progression to help others with their website creation. While we are shifting our focus away from web creation and management, if there is a specific need you have, we would be happy to entertain your ideas and see where the conversation goes. Deco-Services provides everything from creation to managing to hosting...and everything in-between. Contact us for more information. A couple examples are below.

Graphic Design

We strive to create long-term relationships and it doesn't take long before we get requests to do various promotional ads. Some are serious, some are not so serious. Regardless, we will create a piece that will be in synch with your expectations.

A common request is to create promotional pieces for various dive trips. Another regular request is to create a piece that can be used to promote a special dive class.

Portfolio Our Works

News Latest Posts

Collaboration with Damien Siviero


We have been working with our good friend from Austrailia on a project for one of the most popular live-aboards "down under", Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. If you find yourself in that part of the hemisphere you owe it to yourself to check out this operator. They cater to all skill sets of divers from the basic open water diver to the technical CCR folks that want to do 100 meter dives

Working on various concepts for upcoming trip.


We work with a local dive shop to create all of their promotional materials and have been spending a lot of time in their 25' deep training wells. We are in the process getting them ready for the diving public and capturing images to detail the progress as well as create excitement for the diving public for something that is not offered anywhere else in the country. While we are in the wells on a weekly basis capturing promotional images, we also use that time to try different concepts and lighting ideas, ideas that will be utilized on an upcoming and well-deserved trip to the beautiful area known respectfully as "Cave Country" located in Florida.

We already have several days of photo shoots planned for individuals as well as a couple manufacturers we have done work for in the past. While this will be somewhat of a working trip, it is very much needed to recharge the proverbial batteries. If you are going to be in the area the third week of April and would like to get together, drop me a note.

Now Offering Customized Back Plate Prints

Want to bling out your back plate?

We are excited about our newest product line...customized back plate prints. These prints are made out of a special vinyl whose specific use is "in-water applications" and with a special printing proces we are able to achieve a range of colors and incredible detail. Contact us for more info. Click on thumbnail for a larger preview.

Studio Work for UW LightDude

We have been spending much time in the studio getting things in order for the next generation of dive lights from a special client of ours...UW Light Dude. UW Light Dude lights are some of the most impressive lights on the market and we consider it a privilidge to get to better know the company culture as well as the team putting out some incredible products. Check them out online at www.UWLightdude.com

Bridge Inspection

This morning we were asked to come out to a local bridge project to inspect the underwater construction for river intrusion. The plan was to take video to show the team topside but after dropping down several feet the visibility went to zero. By inspecting the sections in question by only "feel" we were able to ascertain where the problem is and help the crew figure out where to focus their attention. Just another day in the office where you never know what may pop up.

This time of the year we are busy working with some of the most prestigious equestrian events in the country with a unique product that connects the event to the spectator. It is a program that took us many years to develop and are very happy to say that it has enhanced the event experience of anyone that has used it. This program is part of our other division FLR Sports Radio. For more information check out http://www.flrsportsradio.com

hing Tease

Getting ready for a spearfishing trip and made this quick teaser for the group. Story boards are already being discussed so when we get back, there will be some great footage to share. More forthcoming


Trash My Dress Session

We had a wonderful time with our model and the "Trash the Dress" session.

These images will be utilized in conjunction with other Senior Graduation pictures to create a rather unit presentation for the guests at the upcoming graduation party. This theme of wearing a pretty dress in the water creates unusual imagery that borders on the surreal. It has gotten quite popular in recent years and is an additional service we are offering since we understand the unique challenges shooting in water creates. If you would like to book a session, contact us at 260-433-2717 and lets discuss your vision.

New Website

It has been several years since we last updated our site and as such felt it was time for a change. The previous website took people in many different directions (since we are involved in many different aspects of the underwater realm)and it is our hope this one will be more simplified. Sure, we will still do the occasional underwater construction job or search and recover projects but the new site will focus on the promotional elements for the SCUBA industry.

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  • Address: 6921 Tree Top Trail Fort Wayne, IN 46845
  • Phone: 260-433-2717
  • Email: Don@Deco-Services.com
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